Thursday, November 21, 2013

Explore: Stephen Fry explains Cloud Computing - Animated Video

Stephen Fry explains the history of computer thinking and the revolution of utility in cloud computing in this 5 minute animation.

This is a paid advert from Databarracks a UK company who provide Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery and Backup services from some of the most secure data centres in the world.

This video re-iterates the belief that an English person 'invented' or 'created' the internet. This, of course is a matter of conjecture and is unlikely to be the case.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Eugene Kaspersky speaking about Cyber Attacks to Australian Press Club 2013

A speech by Eugene Kaspersky at the Press Club in Canberra, Australia. The broad talk was designed to bring non-tech journos up to speed on infosec issues.

In it, he said a engineer friend told him Stuxnet had 'badly infected' the internal network of a Russian nuclear plant after the sophisticated malware caused chaos in Iran's nuclear facilities in Natanz.

The malware, widely considered to have been developed by the US Government as a means to disrupt Iran's nuclear enrichment plans, had crossed a physically separated 'air-gapped' network in the Russian plant after it was carried across on a USB device.