Monday, July 25, 2011

Impress your boss with green thinking

Bringing fresh ideas to a new job will not only impress your new boss, but also make sure that you're watching the carbon footprint of the business.

There are plenty of ways you can introduce energy efficiency into a workplace, it just depends on what kind of business it is.

There are many similar steps between a domestic property and a workplace, including looking at renewable energy possibilities.

When you've got a location that's open predominantly during the day, it's almost a perfect match between use of solar energy and on tap electricity. Picking up from midday, when everyone's working away, then letting it dying away in the evening.

It is also suggested new schemes like voltage optimisation, heat recovery and heat pump technologies, which means the building uses less power.

Bringing new and fresh ideas to a business could cement your role as a valuable employee and someone managers could turn to for similar advice in the future.

If nothing else you could become a more interesting and 'greener' person.

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