Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The times they are a changin' - YouTube

There are two types of bosses: the one that changes as a continuous learning experience and understands the motivation of the others, those who do not (yet).

And in these two basic attitudes one can also reflect the success with their employees. It can be simplified to identify the following two types of managers:
  • Those who accept change as something continuous vs. those who see it as a one-time task.
  • Those who see their success as something temporary vs. those who strive constantly to maintain it.
  • Those who believe that anything is possible vs. those who think their future depends on the past.
  • Those who allow change vs. those who hide behind operating procedures, to keep everyone under control.
  • Those who see life as a permanent and lasting learning experience vs.. those who think they have reached their "target" and will no longer move.
  • Those who keep their teams alive and alert to changes vs. those who allow their teams to "doze off".
  • Those who view change as an impetus for dialogue, and a potential insight to see improvement vs. those who see change and dialogue as intrusive, annoying and /or bothersome.
  • Those who radiate energy and personal motivation vs. those that show fatigue and negative emotions.
  • Those who think they can gain something vs. those who are afraid of losing something.

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