Thursday, October 14, 2010

Change your attitude, then your suit

Studies have proven something that we have always known, there’s such a thing as the 'beauty dividend', which means, good-looking people get hired first, receive more praise and get more raises.

Unfortunately, not all of us look like George Clooney or Madonna. We do not have the time money or motivation to go through complete re-constructive plastic surgery, prior to an interview. We simply have to accept how we really are and make the best of it, warts and all.

Most of us have to work hard at getting hired by simply being better at what we do, and be prepared to fight for recognition and scant rewards in an unfair and highly competitive world.

Fortunately, there is something more valuable and important than good looks and charm, Something we can use to our advantage. We mere mortals have the 'attitude dividend.' If you ask any HR professional to name the most coveted attribute in a candidate, they will almost always respond with; “We’re looking for a positive can-do attitude.”

The good news is that a positive attitude is something people can actually work on developing and improving, to the point where it comes across loud and clear during your interview. 

You can get somebody to notice you for one day by paying for a spray tan, an expensive make-over and changing your suit but you can get people to notice you for a lifetime by your strong positive attitude.

Lookout George we are after your crown!

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