Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Pyramid Of Expectation

A basic overview of expectations. One of the central pillars of a compelling experience is that it exceeds expectations.

People are pleased, but not really moved, when their expectations are met.

If you don’t meet expectations, then you disappoint people and provide a bad experience.

On the other side, people are really thrilled and motivated to tell others when they’ve had an experience that exceeded their expectations.

Most companies today are patting themselves on the back and are thrilled when they hit ‘satisfaction’ levels.

Satisfaction is the fruit of the company delivering on what they promised they would. It’s just like keeping a promise – and in this day and age, keeping a promise is not so difficult hard, is it?

From the Pyramid of Expectation, you will see that you are only reaching the half way point to controlling, meeting and exceeding your customers' expectations.


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