Friday, January 6, 2012

Heineken U-code - YouTube

QR codes have been getting a good bit of flak recently as a fad that are mostly used by brands and marketers but ignored by consumers. There have been some pretty silly uses but this latest campaign from Heineken is actually a very smart and social way for them to be used at a music festival.

The idea is that everybody attending can have their own QR code printed and stuck to them which when scanned gives information about them and what they like doing. A bit like their social media profile but in the real world.

As they say in the video music festivals are all about meeting new people and the QR codes were a way for shy people to do this without others thinking that they were freaks although it does involve holdingout your phone and physically scanning somebody.

While it is a smart idea in terms of breaking the ice it works even better for Heineken as a brand as it turns festival goers in to walking billboards for the company.

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