Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Samsung: Amazing Screen Technology - Flexible AMOLED - YouTube

Samsung has released a video purportedly showing a prototype of its flexible screen tablet computer in action. We found it on YouTube and embedded it below. Have a look, as a faceless pair of hands goes globetrotting, unfolding a tidy screen to take happy pictures, translate languages, conjure up menus (or something like that – it’s hard to tell!) and pull other rabbits out of a chirpy hat, all to enthusiastic Korean narration.

The busy production is hardly convincing – the product has a mock-up sense about it - but nevertheless it gives a good idea of what one of these things might look like. Presumably the screen will use OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. OLEDs are natural light sources, available today in rigid form. But they should soon emerge in flexible varieties, auguring radical changes in architecture, construction, and IT as designers build light sources into the fabric of houses, furniture, skyscrapers, you name it. As we reported last month, Samsung hopes to deliver flexible screen phones in early 2012, followed by bendy tablet PCs.

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